SIN & Redemption

The Pink Elephant Connection

Author: James E. McCarthy
Publisher: Ashanti Victoria Publishing


“A debut novel delivers a journey through poverty and the heroin trade.”

Leo Stegner is no stranger to illegal activities. Not only is his father involved with the Mafia through his gambling habit and efforts to pay his debts, but Leo has had a great deal of success as part of an auto-theft ring as well. But when his father and the head of the gang of robbers die in rapid succession, Leo resolves to alter his destructive course even as he vows revenge for his father’s murder. But despite going legit as a courier and later joining the military, Leo ends up deeper in the underworld than when he started; he’s now part of the international heroin market. Traveling throughout the world, running up against danger at every turn, Leo considers himself adaptable: “He would turn into a Goddamn Chameleon if it was a question of surviving.” But when he’s finally caught and convicted, turning his life around once and for all from the inside of a cell is the greatest—and most permanent—transformation he could ever imagine. McCarthy’s tale manages to paint an optimistic picture of what is possible when someone truly decides to change. The novel’s matter-of-fact prose style and fast pace serve the story well, giving a broad perspective on significant events in the United States in the latter part of the 20th century as well as the more personal circumstances that make Leo the man he is. Even so, the book is not without its emotional moments, as when Leo faces trial or when his dreams of retribution come to a head in the prison yard. The senses of anger and despair are palpable and should resonate with readers who’ve been down on their luck, especially any who are familiar with stories of inmates and rehabilitation. That said, as Leo’s life connects him with the space race, the Vietnam War, the introduction of Chinese heroin on American soil, and the war on drugs, even readers uninterested in prison stories will likely find plenty to recommend in this complex narrative.


A rare, hopeful crime story that also manages to be deeply honest.


Author: James E. McCarthy
Publisher: Ashanti Victoria Publishing

Review by: Scerakor | 13 Sep 2017

Sin and Redemption: The Pink Elephant Connection by James E. McCarthy is a fiction novel that is based on the life, experiences, adventures, and actions of the author himself. Although he goes to the appropriate lengths at the beginning of the book to provide the reader with the requisite disclaimers that it is a work of fiction, it is evident that much of the story is quite true. It is extremely easy to read this book and assume that it is a well-written memoir.

This book follows the life of Leo Stegner beginning with the most defining moment in his life, the death of his father. Ever since his father was killed for an overdue gambling debt, Leo vowed to exact revenge on his father’s murderer. This vow dictated many of the choices that came in his life and haunted his every move. Leo starts off on the wrong path early in his life by involving himself with a highly-efficient gang of car thieves and despite a close call with the law, he always seems to find himself testing his luck in avoiding the authorities. He joins the army in order to go to Vietnam (to learn to be a killer in order avenge his father) but is sent to the Germany instead. It is there that Leo finds himself introduced to the illegal drug game. He mixes himself up with a military fronted marijuana smuggling/distribution ring, to begin with, and then subsequently graduated to harder drugs. Once his service is up he uses his same contacts to move heroin throughout Europe. Next, he intends to import the worlds purest heroin, Pink Elephant, to the American market. Will his luck hold out? Will he eventually get the chance to confront his father’s killer? You’ll have to read the rest of this one to find out. 

This was an extremely captivating read. I think what made it the most exciting is that the reader is constantly aware that this is, technically, a real story. As I don’t want to give away the end of the book and can’t say too much, I’ll just say that it is clear that the author is speaking from the heart and is trying very hard to be as honest as possible. He is laying everything out on the line. The dramatization that comes with a book like this (to convert it from memoir to fiction) was done extremely well and provided enough action and drama to keep the reader glued to the pages. What I enjoyed the most about this book is the unique glimpse into the world of illicit drug smuggling. One’s involvement (hopefully) in this realm is often limited to what we see on TV, but this frank look at the trade is an eye-opener. Not only do we get to see a view of the operations from an upper management level, but also the stress, techniques, and tactics used by the men and women bringing several pounds of drugs at a time across international borders.

Any time that I found myself judging/questioning/criticising the author’s choice in the direction that book took, I reminded myself that it is based on his life. For that reason, I have little negative to say about the plot and story of Sin and Redemption. The only awkward portions of the book came in the form of the added pictures, illustrations, and diagrams. Throughout the book, there were many images made available to the reader. In general, I have no issues with this. Often, they added to the comprehension of the story at hand. For example, McCarthy includes some pictures of Pink Elephant heroin, maps he presumably used in his past, and correspondences. What I disliked the most, however, is where the images contributed little to the story itself. To give a few examples, the author included a picture of a bunch of needles on the ground (to show needles on the ground), an illustration of an explosion with a body in it, and a picture of a woman shooting heroin in her arm with a needle. I found that these extraneous images were unnecessary and affected the flow of the book at times.

Despite the minor hiccup mentioned above, I will not hesitate to give this book a solid 4 out of 4 stars. The book reads like a memoir, has action and excitement like a thriller, and educates the reader along the way. If you like books with a criminal nexus or are a fan of memoir/”based on a true story” books, this one would be a slam-dunk for you. If you aren’t a fan of books where the main story is around illegal activity, this one won’t tickle your literary fancy.



Amazon Editorial and Top Customer Reviews
“A rare, hopeful crime story that also manages to be deeply honest.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“The book reads like a memoir, has action and excitement like a thriller, and educates the reader along the way. If you like books with a criminal nexus or are a fan of memoir/”based on a true story” books, this one would be a slam-dunk for you.”

– OnlineBookClub

Well-written, adventurous,exciting life-changer

I enjoyed this book immensely a superbly written testimony of personal defeat, failure, and successes. James outlines his personal life as “sin and redemption” cleverly encapsulated in a few words and very inspiring. Surprising, intriguing he articulates his misadventures in a world unfathomable to most of us. Yet he warms our heart with encouragement that anybody can change. Warmly written human interest story that tugs at your heart strings that accentuates change and self-improvement.

– Amazon Customer


The book is very well written, easy to read. Your mind is focus through out the book routing the best for the character. Very inspiring and I would recommended this book for anyone.

– Tony

I loved the candidness of the book

I loved the candidness of the book. I use it as a motivational tool for the clients I work with.

– Desilynn G. Smith

Five Stars

Great story that hooked me right away.

– David

Action packed book, based on a true story, keeps the reader glued to the pages

This book, based on a true story, grips the reader from the very beginning. It follows our protagonist, Leo, as he struggles through many of life’s challenges. The first, and the one that governs his consciousness for most of this book, is the murder of his father over a gambling debt. What starts off as stealing cars evolves to bring a key member of an international drug smuggling ring. This book is packed full of action and intrigue and the fact that it is so closely tied to the author’s actual experiences, it makes your wonder just how much of the book is flat out truth.

– Cameron Arsenault

I recommend that you get this book

I recommend that you get this book. It is very inspiring. I love the way how McCarthy told his story. It was filled with sin, but it also showed his success at the end. Not everyone in this game is smart or lucky enough to end with great success.

– Derika Hosein

What a story

I have read his book and it’s amazing and easy read! What a story. Everyone has one but James’s is definitely unique

– Kelly Fox

A delightful read!!

A great tale,of real life dangers, and wild times. A fun read, it’s story telling/narrative kept me reading right thru the night. Bravo James!!, an instant classic,( when’s the movie coming?!!). Highly recommend.

– Amazon Customer

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